All shows in Chicago unless noted otherwise


Mar 4 @ The Bedford with Bill MacKay and Katinka Kliejn
Mar 5-8 Ingebrigt Haker Flaten's Young Mothers Tennessee Retreat
Mar 9 @ Schuba's with Ryley Walker
Mar 16 @ Cafe De Ruimte in Amsterdam with Ab Baars, Jasper Stadhouders and Aaron Lumley
Mar 19-29 European Tour with Ingebrigt Haker Flaten's Young Mothers!

April 5 @ Hyde Park Art Center - Performance of Deniz Gul's 5 Person Bufet with Katherine Young, Carol Genetti, Audrey Chen and Ryan Packard
April 8-26 European Tour with Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society

May 9 in Austin with Ryley Walker
May 10-22 Joshua Abrams' Natural Information Society North American Tour
May 25 @ Constellation with Jessica Marasa's project Blue
May 26 @ The Whistler with Hearts and Minds
May 28 @ Constellation with Boris Hauf

June 9 @ The Hideout performing with Roommate
June 12-19 North American tour with Nicole Mitchell's Ice Crystal
June 21-23 Performing in Paris

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